A Full International Removal Service

1st November, 2023

Our client received the exciting news while on sabbatical in Australia that he would be relocating to The States and joining his company’s agency in Washington DC on his return. While great news, this also presented a logistical problem for arranging their international removals service, as he, his wife, and their two children could not return to the UK for at least another four weeks, yet needed to get the ball rolling preparing their UK home in Winchester, Hampshire for the big move to the USA – as well as arranging the relocation of their beloved family dog, Berry the cockapoo! 

Time was of the essence, but with the client and his family so far away, there was an additional hurdle to overcome before we could establish the details of the move, we needed to appraise the job and survey their property. We agreed with the client that his mother would grant us the access we needed, so we could get the ball rolling whilst the client was still abroad. 

After carrying out a physical survey of all furniture and effects in the UK family home that required shipping, an inventory of items was shared with the client to be edited from Australia. From there, we could narrow down the list of what was and wasn’t to be included in the final shipment. Once agreed, GB Liners’ service for this international move included full packing, including oil on canvas artwork packed with wax paper to protect the paintings, and the relocation of all furniture, belongings, and the safe transportation of the family dog.

The Move

With logistical hurdles overcome, GB Liners was able to proceed with the move, with our London Branch taking charge. Access at the collection address presented additional problems that had been identified during our survey – it would be impossible to situate a shipping container outside their residence due to a lack of space. Instead, our London removals team had arranged to use a series of smaller vans to collect items, return them to our depot, and load them into the shipping container. 

A crew of four was able to pack, wrap, and load all items in the inventory within two full days, allowing us to remain on schedule. An additional video survey was undertaken to ensure we had all the correct information now the client had arrived on home soil and as an extra precaution. We unloaded the smaller vans onto the warehouse floor, and then loaded his possessions into the shipping container. All items were handled with care, as there is always an additional risk that comes when furniture needs to be handled multiple times. The total volume of items to be shipped was 850 cft, which was packed into a 20-foot container. The move was handled by the same team, from the moment everything was packed at the family home through to the unloading onto the shipping container, ready to depart.

The services at the point of origin were then completed, as we handed over to the international freight company for shipping, and the client was given tracking details so he could check the progress of his items in transit. GB Liners also provided all US customs documentation for the client to complete. Whilst we cannot complete paperwork on behalf of our clients, our moving coordinators have years of experience managing international shipments and are happy to provide support and guidance.

GB Liners work with a number of moving companies worldwide and have built strong relationships with other FAIM Quality Certified organisations. FAIM Quality Certification is the only globally recognized quality certification for international movers, and we only work with companies who have achieved this accreditation to ensure peace of mind for all our clients.

The port of entry of the vessel was in Baltimore, where our agent, Von Paris, was invited to act on our behalf and complete the relocation service at the destination address, maintaining the high standards already experienced by the client from GB Liners here in the UK. With our support, Von Paris was able to arrange for the consignment to quickly clear customs and organise a convenient delivery date with the client. We always aim to reduce the amount of time a consignment is docked or in the container, as lengthening this process can cause extra charges and increase the costs involved in the move. Fortunately, there were no delays with clearing customs, and the items were delivered without issue. 
Finally, Berry the cockapoo arrived in his new home safe and sound! For this, GB Liners managed the process, reaching out to our subcontractor, AIRPETS, who provided us with a quote that we could then pass on to the client. On the 30th of January, AIRPETS carried out a final health check and issued an export health certificate ready for Berry’s flight on February 1st, where he departed from London Heathrow and arrived in Washington the same day. We had arranged for a customs broker to clear Berry upon arrival, and the client was able to collect him from the terminal within one hour of his arrival time.

The Outcome

From the date the family home in the UK was packed to the day of delivery in Washington DC, only five weeks had passed. This fell well within the timeframe GB Liners had initially agreed with the client. All items arrived safely, and a high standard of service was maintained throughout the entirety of the move. Despite the initial logistical difficulties, GB Liners were able to work with the client to begin the process and prevent any delays to their move.

Supporting Your International Move

For over fifty years, GB Liners have supported international moves across the globe, providing a stress-free, high-quality home removals service to grant our clients complete peace of mind. To get started, why not get your budget using our free online budget calculator?

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