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It’s our role to minimise the stress you feel surrounding your move. Our team are professional and our methods are proven, so you’re in safe hands. Your move doesn’t have to be stressful.

Our enviable reputation comes from highly skilled and long-serving staff, many of whom are shareholders. With all branches certified as meeting the British Standard BS EN 12522, so you know any UK removal carried out by GB Liners will be in safe hands.

As added assurance, GB Liners is a full member of BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme which protects prepayments for UK and international moves.

Over 98% of people who move with us would recommend us to a friend

Source – Trustpilot

Five steps to your new home

Get a quote

Step 1
The move to your new home can be completed in the five simple steps mentioned above. We are excited to help you through the process, and this all starts with arranging a quote.

Set the date

Step 2
Once you have decided to use us to handle your move, and are in a position to set a date, it is important to contact us so we can advise on availability.

Pack & Prepare

Step 3
Prior to your move date, we will need to arrange to deliver your boxes if you’re packing, or begin pre-packing if you’ve opted for a packing service.

Move Day

Step 4
The day has arrived, it’s time to move to your new home! Our friendly teams will be on hand throughout the day to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Settling In

Step 5
Once you are settled in and have unpacked your belongings, please let us know and we will arrange collecting your empty boxes.


Our friendly and committed team will be with you every step of your UK move. From the initial meeting with one of our removal consultants, to your dedicated removal coordinator and finally the team on moving day, nothing will be too much trouble.


When deciding what to pack into boxes a good rule of thumb is, if it fits into a box, pack it into a box. If you are using your own packing boxes, ensure they are suitable for carrying heavy items and are sealed properly.

We recommend using clean white packing paper to pack your breakables and personal effects. Place a base layer of scrunched up paper along the bottom of the box before individually wrapping each item. Ensure they are full to the brim, but not overfilled, so they can be stacked without crushing.

We recommend packing heavier items (books, tools, tinned foods etc) into smaller boxes, and then larger everyday items (pots, pans, bedding etc) into larger boxes. We can supply these in advance of your move.

It is important to put heavier boxes at the bottom and use lighter ones on top, to avoid a situation where a box collapses. Otherwise this could cause damage to the contents inside and also the property.

There are certain items that you will need as soon as you begin to unpack and that can easily be misplaced (screws from furniture, remotes, TV cables etc). We recommend packing these items into one of our odds boxes, which are easy to identify.

This one requires a little bit of common sense, for example – avoid filling a large box full of books. As a rule, if you can lift it, we will be able to carry it.

To help you when you come to unpacking your boxes, it is important to mark on each and every box the general contents and which room they came from. This way you will be able to find key items and help ensure unpacking is as efficient as possible. Label all boxes containing china and glass with “fragile”.

It is not an exhaustive list, but avoid packing paints, gas cylinders, highly flammable products, oils, weapons, bleach and perishables/frozen foods.

It sounds simple, but it can easily be done incorrectly. Seal the bottom before sealing both ends, making a letter ‘H’ with the tape. Repeat this when closing up the box also.

Plates and small pictures should be individually wrapped and packed on the edge at the bottom of a box, layer with scrunched up paper and then pack more delicate items like glasses and ornaments on top.

UK Removals FAQs

Even if your UK move doesn’t involve a full household of belongings, we can still assist in carrying out your move on a part-load basis. For customers with smaller loads, it is best to get in touch with our team for a quotation.

Typically, we offer three options for house moves within the UK – full packing, part-packing, or self-packing. Our team is also available to help with dismantling large furniture items and specialised packing for delicate or fragile belongings that require extra care. We can tailor our service depending on your specific requirements.

No – at all of our branches, our removal teams are employees of GB Liners and trained at our in-house training academy.

We recommend prospective clients contact us to arrange a quote when you receive a sale subject to contract or rental agreement. Before contracts are exchanged, please get in touch with us to confirm availability before entering into a legally binding deadline with a fixed completion date. If your move is not tied to completion, we would advise giving us as much notice as possible.

The moving process begins by simply filling out a form on our website. From here, we can carry out pre-move surveys, with a member of our team either attending the property or via a video call. This assessment will help us plan for and ensure all goes successfully on moving day, and ensure you have all the information you need to prepare beforehand.

The cost of your move will vary depending on what your requirements are. To get a more accurate idea of how much you’ll be charged, please arrange a quote or use our online budget calculator.


Ready to start your UK move? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at GB Liners. If you require more services along with removals, we also offer secure UK storage at all 11 of our UK branches.

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