GB Liners’ branches have the facility to know how to quote for and arrange and operate European moves. We recognise, however, that not every branch can be an expert for every European destination and so we have therefore chosen to designate our Stirling branch from our sister company, Clark & Rose, as our “centre of expertise” for Slovakia. You can contact them by phoning 01786 484 787 or emailing if you require specialist advice. Alternatively, of course, you can contact your local branch if you don’t think you need specialist help.

Living in Slovakia

Advice on living in Slovakia can be obtained from:

Customs Formalities for Moving To Slovakia

Most Customs regimes have several factors in common:

  • People moving to an EU country on a transfer of residence basis (i.e. moving their main place of residence from the UK to that EU country for work or personal reasons) are generally permitted to import their household and personal belongings free of duty and tax.
  • There is usually a requirement to prove that the person moving has previously resided in the UK for a specified qualifying period, by means of presenting documents such as Council Tax bills, bank statements, utility bills etc.
  • There is usually a requirement to prove that permission for residency or employment in the destination country has been granted.
  • There is usually a requirement to prove identity by providing a passport copy.
  • New items (usually less than 6 months old) may be subject to tax.
  • Certain item are usually prohibited e.g. guns, animal skins or products, etc.
  • Certain items are usually restricted e.g. alcohol, tobacco etc.

You will need to be able to supply any required information or documentation before the move is packed, to allow us to have it checked by our agent in the destination country for confirmation that everything is in order. This is essential to ensure that there are no delays at the destination border due to missing or incorrect documentation.

For a move to an EU country being made for any reason other than a transfer of residence, then you should ask us to check the specific Customs requirements for your circumstances and this should be done as early in the process as possible. If, for example, your circumstances were such that carrying-out the move would incur a significant duty or tax liability then that may influence your decision to move altogether. It is essential therefore, that such issues are raised as early as possible.

If you are furnishing a holiday or secondary home in an EU country (that is a home other than your main place of residence), then usually you will have to pay duty or tax on the items that you are moving.

Slovakia Overview

The following information outlines the documentation required for importing household goods moves to Slovakia, to the best of current knowledge and belief. This is a summary of the documents required for household goods moves from the UK to Slovakia on a transfer of residence basis. It does not cover cars, secondary homes, inheritances, or any other exceptional circumstances and for any moves falling into these categories, it is essential that you advise us of your circumstances so that we can check requirements with a local agent in the destination.

Customs regulations and document requirements for Slovakia

  • T1 Transit Form.
  • IM Import Customs Declaration.
  • Pro forma invoice.
  • Copy of Photo Page of Passport.
  • Copy of Residence Permit valid for 1 year from import (if this has not been received a Residence Application Form is required with customers origin address and copies of an ID Card or Driving Licence).
  • Copy of Inventory/Packing List showing the name, type, and serial number of any electronics or appliances, translated into Slovak.
  • Copy of Property Rental Contract issued direct to the customer’s name valid for 1 year from the date of import. (If the Rental Contract is between the property owner and the customer’s employer, an original letter is required from the employer confirming that the customer will live in the premises).
  • Original Letter of Employment (valid for 1 year from the date of import).
  • Original Statutory Declaration of the client that:
  • – Imported goods are in possession of the client for over 6 months.
  • – Rented property will not be let to a third person.
  • – Customer had continuous residence in abroad over 12 months.
  • Original Power of Attorney for representation by the moving company to represent them at customs clearance.
  • Original GDPR Agreement for the use of personal data by Customs (“Súhlas so spracovaním osobných údajov”).

Documents required for export clearance out of Slovakia (for UK bound moves)

  • Copy of Photo Page of Passport.
  • Copy of Residence Permit.
  • Original Power of Attorney.
  • Export Declaration.
  • Original GDPR Agreement for the use of personal data by Customs (“Súhlas so spracovaním osobných údajov”).
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